Bacteria Might Communicate Using Radio Waves

22 juni, 2011 kl. 07:15 | Publicerat i Kropp & Sinne, Vetenskap | Lämna en kommentar
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By Sebastian Anthony

New findings by researchers at Northeastern University in Boston shows that single-celled bacteria such as E. coli might communicate “within a community” using similar radio waves to those used in AM and FM radio transmissions.

The research revolves around a feature called circular DNA (DNA loops), which is found in simple organisms like viruses and bacteria. As free electrons move around these loops, a radio wave can be produced — and as quantum objects, these electrons can also take on different energy levels. It is posited that these two factors could allow bacteria to transmit radio waves at frequencies of 0.5, 1 and 1.5KHz.

The idea of bacteria emitting radio waves isn’t new. In 2009, Luc Montagnier published one of the most controversial studies of all time — it kind of proved homeopathy — but critics pointed out that single-celled organisms lacked the ability to create radio waves, casting a dark shadow of doubt over Montagnier’s research. Today’s findings put Montagnier’s work, and homeopathy’s efficacy, back in the realm of reality.

Read more: Bacteria Might Communicate Using Radio Waves | ExtremeTech


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