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Det var helt otroligt, de var i min trädgård idag!

De var så många, 100 kanske? Det har aldrig hänt mig förut.

De såg ut så här. De var så fina.

Starling Murmurations: The Phenomenon of Mass Bird Flocking Video

Epoch Times Staff

Hundreds of starlings, Sturnus vulgaris, are seen flocking together in this video filmed at Otmoor in England. The birds can reach speeds of more than 40 miles per hour, wheeling together in giant spatial asymmetric patterns that appear highly coordinated.

This formation is known as a murmuration of starlings when large numbers of these birds flock together, typically in the late afternoon before roosting. The name is suggestive of the ‘whooshing’ sound the birds’ wings make through the air as they fly en masse.

The explanation for this flocking behavior is unclear, but many experts believe it is based upon the principle of safety in numbers—to protect themselves against predators such as peregrine falcons.

In fact, this video shows a sparrowhawk attempting to pick off birds at the edge of the flock.

However, if the birds really are trying to avoid predators, it might make more sense to roost in the trees straight away.

Regardless of the reasons behind the phenomenon, scientists are also interested to understand how the birds manage to achieve such aerial acrobatics without collisions.

A European project called StarFLAG aims to reconstruct the birds’ three-dimensional movements and create computer models of this complex behavior.

Read more: Starling Murmurations: The Phenomenon of Mass Bird Flocking Video | Science | Epoch Times

Kan det ha någonting att göra med Morphogenetic Fields?

Kolla in det här intressanta föredraget. Här finns mer info.


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