PressTV – Europe council to adopt measures against human organ trade

28 november, 2013 kl. 09:40 | Publicerat i förföljelsen av oliktänkande, Kina, mänskliga rättigheter, organhandel, Samhälle, slavarbetsläger | Lämna en kommentar


The Council of Europe is seeking to adopt a draft convention banning the trafficking of human organs, media reports say.

The permanent committee of the Council’s parliamentary assembly met in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Friday to discuss measures against the illegal trade of human organs, Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported on Saturday.

Under the convention, proposed by the leading multi-national organization for human rights on Europe, there would be punishments for those who pay people for their body parts or force them to part with their organs.

The agreement could come into force by next year after European countries individually adopt the rules of the convention.

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